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The plan for the day was to visit the Domaine de Vizille, a majestic castle situated on a very large park at the foot of the Alps. The castle is significant because it was the birthplace of the French Revolution. It now serves as a museum of the French Revolution.

Before taking the 40 minute bus ride out of Grenoble to Vizille we picked up picnic ingredients at the marché de l'Estacade.

Prunes, Reines Claudes, Mirabelles-- local plums

One of several "Fromagers"--cheese vendors at the market.

We bought a piece of "Beaufort d'été"-- a remarkable cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk, often referred to as the prince of the gruyère cheese family. The milk is taken from cows that graze on grass only during the summer months which makes the milk sweeter than the rest of the year and makes the cheese even better.

And you need bread to go with the cheese. The basic baguette is 1 Euro and 5 centimes (cents).

A very beautiful setting for a picnic!

Inside the museum, the most significant painting is this large one depicting the unrest of the people of Grenoble throwing "tuiles"- clay tiles - from tops of buildings on royal troops below. The painting is called "La Journées des Tuiles à Grenoble, le 7 juin 1788"-The Day of the Tiles.

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