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Like bakeries, there are so many cafés to choose from. I have not become a regular at any one café in town, probably because our apartment has a very good coffee machine. But when I'm out and about, a stop at any café for coffee, tea, or something cold will really be fine. It might just come down to the weather: does the café have chairs in the sun, if it is cool (now in October) or chairs in the shade if it is hot (back in September).

The café at the one end of our street. In the morning, lots of coffee drinkers, at lunch, the local merchants getting their lunch, and then early evening (before dinner), people meeting up for a drink.

This mobile café was in Lyon, serving people at a market.

Café on a bike, at the antique market on our street. Way too cool!

Parisian café/bistrot—one that also serves lunch

An espresso (un café) and a mini cappuccino (une petite crème)

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