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The First Days

Welcome to Grenoble and the street we live on. Looking up one end of the street you see "La Bastille", which you can run/walk/bike up or take the "téléphérique", a type of cable car. We did the latter, as we were with a group of 22 students. Our narrow street is in the "Antiquaires" neighborhood, given the large number of antique stores and perhaps also that our apartment is in an 18th century building.

Besides antique stores, there are bakeries on either end (oh dear!), a cheese and wine shop, a catholique elementary and middle school, vintage clothing store, restaurants, café, leather goods store, a honey store, and more.

The person on the bike checking his phone is an Uber Eats delivery service. On the first day here, I lost track of how many I saw!

Just walking through my neighborhood--bakery, market, pastry shop, cheese and wine store, first café, and more pastry. Note, I did not indulge in the strawberries or pastries yet, or the cheese. All in due time!

This is what we will call home for the next four months.

The mountain you saw at the end of our street in the first picture? We (my husband, Otto, and myself) are at the top of it with a view over the city. Our apartment is in the old part of the city--where you see the red tiled roofs, next to Otto's arm.

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3 коментарі

04 вер. 2019 р.

Gorgeous. Enjoy! See you soon.


Isabelle Selles
Isabelle Selles
04 вер. 2019 р.

Lovely! Can't wait to visit :)


03 вер. 2019 р.

The mountains behind you and Otto across the city in the valley, to the east, are very useful on the way home from Mont Blanc to reach home at the airfield of Puimoisson to the south ! (Puimoisson is near the ancient Roman city of Riez )

Happy to hear from you ! Enjoy your visit ! À bientôt, jean 2

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