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More Desserts

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Millefeuille--a messy but amazing pastry: crispy layers of puff pastry alternating with rum-flavored pastry cream, along with a sweet glaze to finish the top.

Feuilletine: A thin cake layer on the bottom + thin crunchy layer made from pralines and "feuilletine" (crispy wafer-flakes) + dark chocolate mousse. Good? Yes, yes, yes!

Charlotte à la mousse au chocolat—Chocolate mousse charlotte: An absolutely beautiful dessert I had at a dinner party last week. Lady fingers (bought or homemade) are layered with chocolate mousse in the antique mould. Each portion was served with a chocolate caramel sauce. So good!

Tuile aux amandes—"almond tile"—mimics the shape of a roof tile often used on older French homes, particularly in the south. The tuile is crispy and yet chewy—a nice combination. Although this one is quite large, smaller ones are often used as garnishes to desserts such as panna cotta. It reminds me a lot of a butter cookie with almonds. I like it for its simplicity and good flavor.

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