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More Desserts

There are lots of options to choose from in a pastry shop. I have been opting for individual dessert which allows for more sampling possibilities. The round desserts are all 3 inches in diameter and I buy one to share with Otto.

"Pralin"--a hazelnut and almond cake coated with chocolate. I really liked it--not overly rich. Otto was less of a fan.

Last weekend we had friends over and so it was a good excuse to try several pastries. These came from what I think is the best pastry shop in our neighborhood, the Chardon Bleu. The one on the left with the tiny macaron has a shortcrust pastry with a red currant mousse, on the right, tarte aux fruits rouges: same pastry base, pastry cream, and fruit. The center pastry is called a "succès" or success: a cake base with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate. These last two are my top picks.

The three desserts below from the bakery Maison Lenoir:

Tarte aux myrtilles--wild blueberry tart: short crust pastry, pastry cream + fruit

Tarte au citron meringué--sugar dough crust, lemon cream, meringue

Tarte aux noix et aux noisettes--walnut and hazelnut tartlet

The first two were great, but the last one seemed a bit dry. A tart made with nuts is a local specialty, so there has to be a better one out there.

This is an interesting little chocolate package called "Le Tout Chocolat"--the all-chocolate dessert. Chocolate mousse wrapped in chocolate and then dusted with cocoa powder. I'm not sure how the wrapping works. But wow, it was delicious!

Tartelette Ananas et Mur: Pineapple and plum tartlet--a fruit mousse on a chocolate base. Light and refreshing.

There will be more.

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