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Where does one begin! I stood in front of the cheese section for about 15 minutes trying to decide what to buy. I just wanted one cheese for the next day. I know I'll be able to have quite a few of them over the next weeks, but to decide which ones to have first and which ones to wait on kept me going back and forth over the pros and cons of different cheese choices.

You see what I mean? So I'll limit myself to an explanation of a very common cheese: camembert of which there are many variations --the round boxes in the middle of the picture.

One of these camemberts is the odd one out. If you chose the first one (top, left), you are right because it is the only on that is "fabriqué en Normandie" (made in Normandy, a region north of Paris). The others all indicate "camembert de Normandie" (camembert from Normandy) Can this make any difference? Well, yes! The first one is not necessarily made from unpasteurized cow's milk and does not have to follow any laws on how the production takes place, even though it still takes place in Normandy. The other three cheeses follow very strict laws of production and use only unpasteurized milk guaranteeing its superior quality. So there you have it--if you have the choice, go for gold.

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